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Z-Wave is a wireless data transfer technology, that can make your household products, such as lighting, door locks, electro blinds, thermostats and other electrical equipment, "smart”. ConnectHome currently offers more than 20 own products, which are compatible with any other device of Z-Wave family, and it is more than 1,400 devices from a variety of automation industries from leading manufacturers, 325 companies today, and the number is constantly growing. This approach will allow you to build your smart home, using the latest achievements of the world leaders in the field of home automation.

Our devices

  • Relay CH-101

    Module СН-101 – is a Z-Wave device which can control any load with power up…

  • Relay CH-102

    Multifunctional double channel module CH-102 – is a Z-Wave device, which can control two independent…

  • Relay CH-103

    CH-103 is Z-Wave device for controlling drives of blinds, shutters, awnings, garage doors and others.

  • Dimmer CH-301

    (Русский) Диммер CH-301 – это Z-Wave устройство, которое используется для управления освещением и изменения яркости…

  • Thermostat CH-201

    Thermostat CH-201 is a Z-Wave device designed to maintain predetermined temperature in a certain room…

  • Thermostat CH-202

    Thermostat CH-202 - is a Z-Wave device designed to control air-conditioners via IR commands

  • Controller CH-404

    Wall Controller CH-404 - is a battery-powered Z-Wave device, which can control other Z-Wave devices.

  • Controller CH-408

    Battery-powered module CH-408 can control other Z-Wave devices with the help of standard switches connected…

  • Valve CH-601

    At the moment device is under development

  • (Русский) ИК-контроллер CH-501

    (Русский) ИК-модуль СН-501 – это Z-Wave устройство, предназначенное для управления любым ИК прибором (телевизор, кондиционер,…

  • Sensor CH-SO1

    Digital sensor CH-S01 is a device that is used for measuring ambient temperature indoors and…

  • Sensor CH-S02

    Digital sensor CH-S02 is a device used to measure temperature and relative humidity indoors and…

  • Sensor CH-S04.10

    Digital sensor CH-S04.10 is a device used to detect motion within a distance of 10…

  • (Русский) Датчик CH-S06

    (Русский) Цифровой датчик CH-S06 - это устройство, которое используется для измерения текущего потребления электроэнергии сети.