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Digital sensor CH-S04.10 is a device used to detect motion within a distance of 10 meters.

Advanteges СН-S04.10:

● Allows you to detect motion within a distance up to 10 meters;
● Motion detection angle horizontally - 100 °;
● Motion detection angle vertically - 82 °;
● Miniature dimensions;
● Operation temperature range from -20 °C to + 60 °C;
● Body is secured on IP-43 technology, which helps to protect the construction from ingress of dust or water spray on live parts.


Dear user, CONNECTHOME COMPANY thanks you for choosing our products. Before installing motion detecting sensor CH-S04.10, please read carefully the User Guide.



CH-S04.10 is PIR (passive infrared detector) motion sensor, based on motion detection of objects radiating heat, such as human or large animal. Due to many tiny lenses it breaks detection area into ​​80 zones and is able to capture even the slightest motion within a distance of 10 meters and operating angle of 180 °. The sensor is well secured against all kinds of interferences, which ensures high reliability and resistance to false responses.

Recommended sensor installation place is ceiling. But if necessary, it can be placed in any place convenient for this.

infDo not locate PIR-sensors in places where temperature changes rapidly. This will result sensor’s ability to detect human appearance in its control area, and there will be a lot of false responses.



Guarantee period is 3 years from the purchase date. Products that were transported, stored, installed and operated violating the requirements to this product, as well as those with mechanical damage, cannot be replaced under the guarantee.

Do not use the device in ways other than those specified in this manual. Manufacturer has no warrant responsibility for the non-compliance with the exploitation rules, alterations in the design or painting the device. After opening the package, be sure to check the device for damage. If there is a visible damage, do not connect or use the device.


Operating supply voltage *: 3,3 V
Operation temperature range (avoid condensate freezing at low temperatures): –20°C to +60°C
Motion sensor viewing angle: 100° × 82°
Detection diameter if installed at a height from 2.5 m: 5 m
Max distance to detection object: 5 m
Min temperature difference between background and object being detected: ±4С°
Max wire length (in case of extension of wire included): 50 m
Data transfer interface (data bus): S-Bus
Safety level: IP-43

*Power is provided by ConnectHome device to which the sensor is connected.


Picture 1 - Sensor CH-S04.10 viewing angle


Picture 2 - Motion sensor CH-S04.10 dimensions


Motion sensor is connected to special S-Bus port, which is located on some of ConnectHome devices: CH-101, CH-201, CH-202, CH-104 (list of devices supporting ConnectHome S-Bus sensors can be extended).

In Z-Wave network sensor is displayed as structural unit (endpoint) of the module to which it is connected. Data is transferred to the main controller using Z-Wave radio commands.

If it is necessary to connect sensor to module after module is already connected to Z-Wave network, you need to remove it first, and then after connection re-add the sensor.

infTo remove (exclude) module from Z-Wave network, put the controller into Exclude mode (see instructions to controller) - and quickly press and release inclusion/exclusion button three times. Note that after the device exclusion from Z-Wave network, all settings you have made will be reset to factory settings.



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