• Relay CH-101

    Relay CH-101

    Module СН-101 – is a Z-Wave device which can control any load with power up to 3,5 kW through connected…

  • Relay CH-102

    Relay CH-102

    Multifunctional double channel module CH-102 – is a Z-Wave device, which can control two independent network loads of 220V with…

  • Relay CH-103

    Relay CH-103

    CH-103 is Z-Wave device for controlling drives of blinds, shutters, awnings, garage doors and others.

  • Dimmer CH-301

    Dimmer CH-301

    (Русский) Диммер CH-301 – это Z-Wave устройство, которое используется для управления освещением и изменения яркости (диммирование) источников света.

  • Thermostat CH-201

    Thermostat CH-201

    Thermostat CH-201 is a Z-Wave device designed to maintain predetermined temperature in a certain room or part‏ of it.

  • Thermostat CH-202

    Thermostat CH-202

    Thermostat CH-202 - is a Z-Wave device designed to control air-conditioners via IR commands

  • Controller CH-404

    Controller CH-404

    Wall Controller CH-404 - is a battery-powered Z-Wave device, which can control other Z-Wave devices.

  • Controller CH-408

    Controller CH-408

    Battery-powered module CH-408 can control other Z-Wave devices with the help of standard switches connected to it.

  • Valve CH-601

    Valve CH-601

    At the moment device is under development

  • (Русский) ИК-контроллер CH-501

    (Русский) ИК-контроллер CH-501

    (Русский) ИК-модуль СН-501 – это Z-Wave устройство, предназначенное для управления любым ИК прибором (телевизор, кондиционер, плеер, ресивер).

  • Sensor CH-SO1

    Sensor CH-SO1

    Digital sensor CH-S01 is a device that is used for measuring ambient temperature indoors and outdoors.

  • Sensor CH-S02

    Sensor CH-S02

    Digital sensor CH-S02 is a device used to measure temperature and relative humidity indoors and outdoors.

  • Sensor CH-S04.10

    Sensor CH-S04.10

    Digital sensor CH-S04.10 is a device used to detect motion within a distance of 10 meters.

  • (Русский) Датчик CH-S06

    (Русский) Датчик CH-S06

    (Русский) Цифровой датчик CH-S06 - это устройство, которое используется для измерения текущего потребления электроэнергии сети.